What Your Photographer Wants You to Know

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No matter what special event you need a photographer for, it’s a very special privilege and certainly not something to take lightly. Here at Zimbro Photography Studios, we know exactly how important your wedding, graduation, or other event is, and it’s our passion to deliver photos that hit all the right notes.

What Your Photographer Wants You to Know

However, while it’s our job to make sure everything goes off without a hitch, the best photographers know that different clients have different approaches and needs, and sometimes things don’t always go according to plan. If you’re getting ready to hire a photographer, here are some things they probably want you to know:

  • You can trust them. You hired your chosen photographer for a reason, so don’t try to micromanage everything (even though it might be tempting at certain moments). You loved their portfolio and style—now it’s time to let their expertise shine through.
  • Always be ready to pivot. There are so many variables at events that can change the timing and logistics of your photos. Be willing to adapt so your photographer can make the best use of the lighting they have and get you photos that you’ll love showing off.
  • Chill out. The best photos are ones that look relaxed and happy—so your photographer will do their best to keep you comfortable and having fun.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed looking for a photographer, we can help! While our expertise spans years of successful events and photo shoots since 2017, we understand that it might take time for you to settle on the right fit for your event. Give us a call anytime to learn more about how we can capture your event for a lifetime.