4 Trends We Love That Make for Beautiful Wedding Pictures

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Capturing your big day through artful photography is a crucial part of your wedding. Wedding photography trends are always evolving, creating new ways to celebrate and commemorate the beginning of your forever. Here are 4 trends we love that make for beautiful wedding pictures:

4 Trends We Love That Make for Beautiful Wedding Pictures

  1. Docuseries style – Wedding photographers have evolved from glamorous portrait photographers into wedding photojournalists. Happy couples want the full story of their big day, which provides unlimited possibilities for beautiful wedding pictures every step of the way.
  2. Blurred vision – They say your wedding is one big blur, and this photography trend seeks to capture the movement of the day by embracing blurry shots. These beautiful wedding pictures play with light and movement to capture the dizzying excitement of the event while the happy couple’s smiles are crystal clear.
  3. Natural light – Natural light is a staple of beautiful wedding pictures. Technological innovations continue to enhance the ability to capture the essence of natural light in digital photography, making for simply stunning wedding photos.
  4. Flashy fun – Direct-flash photography is a recent trend that opts for a full-flash effect to add a paparazzi feel to their highly documented day. Embracing the bright pop of flash photography leaves the couple feeling adored like the celebrities they are on their big day.

Wedding trends come and go, but your wedding will live forever in your mind as a memorable celebration. At Zimbro Photography Studios, we want to capture your big day in whatever way speaks to you. Whatever wedding photography trends you’re into, our team will incorporate them into beautiful wedding pictures you’ll treasure for a lifetime.