Capturing Confidence: 4 Pro Tips for Portrait Photography

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Portrait photography is an art in controlled surroundings. Photographers have a lot of sway in the location, lighting, and overall look they’re after in their portrait sessions. Still, quality portraits also possess an X factor that comes from a confident subject and a perceptive photographer. Here are our 4 pro tips to capture your confidence in portrait photography:

Capturing Confidence: 4 Pro Tips for Portrait Photography

  1. Don’t rush. Portrait photography is uncomfortable for most people. Taking your time to warm up to the shoot will help you come across more naturally in your portraits. In seeking a photographer, mention that you would prefer to get acquainted with the surroundings and the process ahead of time so they can honor your request and not rush.
  2. Connect with the photographer. Quality photographers will take the lead in connecting with their subjects before a portrait photography shoot. This connection translates into the photos more than you might think, so join your photographer in this endeavor to ensure the best portraits.
  3. Dress like you. While portrait photography is often a time to dress to impress, you don’t want to feel out of place or unlike yourself in the shoot. Dressing to accentuate your unique style and personality will help your authentic self come across in your portraits.
  4. Play with posing.  Posing can feel unnatural and uncomfortable, so it helps to keep things light and casual. Don’t be afraid to have fun with posing and play around with different and even silly poses to keep the energy light and your mood lifted.

Remember, portrait photography is all about capturing your true self. The X factor that results in truly stunning portraits is you!