Try These Wedding Photography Ideas on Your Special Day

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Wedding photography is perhaps one of our most popular services because the wedding day is the one day everyone wants to remember forever. Not only does the couple want to have mementos, but everyone they love looks forward to the pictures of the party and all the festivities celebrating love.

Try These Wedding Photography Ideas on Your Special Day

If you’re stumped for wedding photography ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Zimbro Photography Studios, our photographers will work with you to flesh out options that will best suit your chosen style, but we also have some tried-and-true classics that will work for most clients.

When you’re gearing up for your special day, consider trying these wedding photography ideas:

  • First Looks: Use a door or a blindfold to keep the lovebirds in anticipation. Seeing one another in wedding attire for the first time is a special moment they will want to remember, and capturing it in photos will help them do that.
  • Getting ready: Capture subtle details, like a tie, shoes, or makeup—but be sure that these are characteristic of the couple and will be recognizable later.
  • Be zany: Sometimes, you just want to laugh at the absurd creativity of your photos, so this is where you can incorporate some personality. Show off the rings, get in a sidecar, blow off some smoke bombs or sparklers—get crazy.

Our photographers can roll with whatever you throw at them, so don’t be shy to ask for anything you can dream up at your session. Ready to get started? Give us a call anytime so we can help your wedding photography be all that you ever dreamed it would be.