Things to Consider when Working with a Destination Wedding Photographer

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When you’re getting ready to say, “I do,” you will have loads of decisions to make in the months leading up to the big day. Once you have found your special someone, you’ll need to find a venue and then a photographer. While no wedding plans are particularly easy, if you have decided upon a destination wedding, there are some layers of complication added that you’ll need to consider in order to have your big day go smoothly, especially in working with a destination wedding photographer.

working with a destination wedding photographer

One of the first things that you’ll need to do with a destination wedding photographer is to ensure that your photographer is experienced in destination weddings! Each wedding photographer has their own style, and you want to make sure that their style will still be reflected through your destination. Destination wedding photographers also need to be experienced in traveling with their equipment so that the chance of damage or breakage is avoided. Your photographer needs to have working equipment in order to do their job!

Another thing to discuss with your destination wedding photographer is the timing of your wedding. While you might think you only need them for a day, you should consider planning to have them arrive at your destination at least a full day before the actual wedding day. This ensures that flight cancellations, delays or other problems won’t get in the way of the big day itself.

If you are thinking of doing a destination wedding, we here at Zimbro Photography Studios would love to talk with you! As experienced travelers and photographers, you can get the best of both worlds working with our studio. To learn more about the particulars of destination wedding photography, please contact us today!