Get Beautiful Wedding Photos When You Follow These Tips! [Infographic]

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A wedding is a special event that you want to cherish and remember. Having beautiful photographs of your special day is a great way to look back on sweet memories and gives you lovely prints to display around your home. One of the best ways to get beautiful wedding photos is to start with an experienced photographer, but there are other things you can do as well, including:

  • Hire a photographer that you feel comfortable around. Hiring a photographer because you like their artistic styling is one thing, but make sure you enjoy working with the photographer, too! If you are uncomfortable around the photographer or they don’t bring out your best sides, then the pictures could look stiff and unnatural. Relaxed poses make beautiful photos.

Get Beautiful Wedding Photos When You Follow These Tips! [Infographic]

  • Don’t be afraid to photograph some practice sessions to find natural poses. Natural movements are going to photograph the best. Try taking a few practice photography sessions, with or without a professional photographer, so that you are more comfortable in front of the camera.
  • Learn the tricks of smiling naturally. Natural smiles photograph beautifully, but many people seem to forget how to smile naturally when in front of a camera! Sometimes telling your partner an inside joke before pictures can uncover their most playful smiles for the pictures.
  • Tell your photographer about any concerns you might have. If you have a side you prefer or don’t like the way that a part of your body photographs, tell your photographer so they can position you appropriately. Keep this tip in mind for group photos as well.
  • Ask for a list of specific moments you want captured. There are so many important moments on a wedding day that should be captured, but some people have their favorites. While some couples might value a first look moment, others might value the first kiss. Let your photographer know so they can plan appropriately.
  • Instruct your guests on camera etiquette. These days, everyone has a phone on their camera and can take beautiful pictures. However, instruct your guests to have their phones away during the ceremony and professional pictures so that your photographer can capture the moment without a lot of phones in the picture.

Here at Zimbro Photography Studios, we want to help you make the most of your wedding day. If you would like more tips for stunning wedding photos, please contact us today.