Progressing in Travel Photography: Advice from an Expert

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When it comes to photography, there are virtually endless tutorials, blogs and tips out there that you can choose from to educate yourself on taking beautiful photographs. Travel photography is different than most other genres because you want to capture a bit of everything, from the culture to the architecture to the weather! If your wanderlust is calling you to another corner of the world, here are a few tips from our expert travel photographers at Zimbro Photography Studios to help you.

bring a professional in travel photography

First, don’t be afraid to bring a professional in travel photography for an event that is really special. We here at Zimbro Photography Studios are seasoned professional photographers and enjoy seeing new and old places as much now as we did when we first started. If the event is an important and special one, bring along professionals so that you can have more quality choices when it comes to choosing your final photos.

Second, insure your equipment! Photography equipment doesn’t come cheap, as most of us know, and having the right insurance on your equipment is just as important as having your vehicle insured. Travel can mean lost luggage, damaged parts or other issues you won’t want to pay for out-of-pocket.

Finally, photograph everything! Don’t shy away from pictures because the lighting isn’t just right or the weather is bad. Sometimes your most prized shots will come in times of terrible weather, early in the morning or in a crowd. Keep your camera going and practice your travel photography to the fullest.

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