4 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before Hiring

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Your wedding is a very important day in your life- something you don’t want to forget! Getting great pictures of this special day is something many people prioritize at the top of their wedding to-do’s- right after “get engaged” and “find a venue”. If you don’t already have a photographer in mind, here are some questions you will want to be sure to ask your photographer before you sign any contracts.

have your photographer tour a new venue

  1. Will the photos be altered or touched-up before I can see them? Photographers might touch up or alter photos before they send them to you, or they may allow you to select your favorites and then work on them.
  2. Do you shoot more than one wedding in a weekend? If someone is running late, you don’t want to worry your photographer has booked you back-to-back with another wedding.
  3. Do you work with associates? Sometimes known as the “second shooter,” a team of photographers can tag-team to get more photos from different angles at the same time, which can provide you with some different perspectives you can’t see otherwise. This can also come in handy should your photographer fall ill on the big day.
  4. Have you photographed our venue before? Every venue will have great locations, but many will also have areas with tricky lighting. It’s best to have your photographer tour a new venue before the big day if they haven’t been there before.

Here at Zimbro Photography Studios, we would love to help you photograph your special day. Please contact us with these or any other questions you might have for your photographer today.