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When you are looking to hire a photographer, hire our experts!

When you are looking to have a photographer at an event, you want one who is capable of capturing all that you need for a memorable event. Whether you are looking for a wedding photographer, event photographer, headshots, or travel photographer, our expert and experienced photographers are ready to help you! If you are in the Durham, North Carolina area and are looking to hire a photographer, we have the tools, experience and photography expertise that you need for the best results.

Hire a Photographer in Durham, North Carolina

When you hire a photographer through Zimbro Photography Studios, you are getting expert photographers who are highly skilled, talented, personable and fully insured. We have both the Professional Photographers of America license as well as the Professional Photographers of North Carolina license. We take our photography very seriously, and are always looking for opportunities for growth and improvement in our practices.

Our business is photography, and we do it full-time. We recognized the limitations of only being able to do our photography part-time, and decided several years ago to make the leap into this becoming our full-time business, and we have only gotten better with age! Because of our years of experience, knowledge and practiced skills, you can count on us to get the pictures you need for your next event or business purposes.

Whether you are looking to hire a photographer for a brief period of time or for several days of an event, we can get the photographs you are looking for. We are willing to travel, so don’t hesitate to contact us if your location is outside of Durham. For more information about our variety of services, please contact us today.

At Zimbro Photography Studios, we hope you will choose us if you need to hire a photographer serving High Point, Greensboro, Asheboro, Reidsville, Raleigh, Durham, Winston-Salem, Oak Ridge, Topsail, Sedgewick, Wilmington, and Morehead City, North Carolina; Roanoke, Virginia; and Charleston, Beaufort, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.